Classicist Chicago | 2014 Acanthus Awards
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2014 Acanthus Awards

2014 Acanthus Awards Presentation and Reception

The Chicago-Midwest Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art is honored to host the 2nd annual Acanthus Awards presentation and reception in the Elks National Memorial, a Beaux Arts style domed building, originally designed by architect Egerton Swartwout.

Elks National Memorial
2750 N. Lakeview Avenue, Chicago, IL
Saturday, November 17, 2014



2014 Acanthus Award of Arete

HBRA Architects

United States Federal Building & Courthouse


HBRA Architects

U.S. Federal Building & Courthouse

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Sullivan, Goulette & Wilson Architects

Grant Place Rowhomes

Liederbach & Graham Architects

 An Enduring Home in the City

Liederbach & Graham Architects

Georgian Townhouse in Lincoln Park

Landscape Design

Craig Bergmann Landscape Design

House of the Four Winds

Preservation & Restoration

HBRA Architects

 Science Hill Classrooms, Yale University

Allied Arts & Craftsmanship

Pretorius Studio

Grisaille Landscape Murals

Unbuilt Work

HBRA Architects

Graduate Student Housing, Yale University

Student Projects

Guiseppe Mazzone


Jacques Levet Jr.

Terminal La Habana Vieja

The Chicago-Midwest Chapter extends our congratulations to all of this year’s winners.